Hi there. You've just stepped into my little section of the electronic world. Glad to have you aboard for the show! This site is dedicated to any and all artwork that I've done on the computer: be it graphic design, animation, still images, or 3D modeling. Feel free to take a look through everything, since that's what this page is all about after all.

Welcome to my world.

ZOUNDS! This site is now TWO YEARS OLD! And oddly enough it still surprises me whenever I get mail from people who write in about the page. I'd like to thank everyone who's e-mailed me with their comments, praise and critiques on the page and my work, especially those folks who are still accessing my site after 12 months looking for an update. Egad! I apologize on the delay. Take a look at the "What's New" text below. -It's great to know that people are interested in following my work. You've all made it worth the effort to put this thing together.

Curious to see what's going on here? Try your hand at these:

The welcome mat! Visit the spiffy new starting point for my webpage! Strike up the band!

Still images Find out just what happens when you put a pencil and mouse in my hands...

Animation works Let's get animated!

Computer Works Finally I've got some of my computer renderings online! Take a gander!

Character model sheets Yeppers! These are model sheets which give detailed visual analysis of some of the characters I've created. Worth at least a peek.

Advertising takeoffs A parody of some of those notorious coffee bean magazine advertisements.

The RSCYOS This is a bizarre new addition to this webpage which is something of a virtual choose your own adventure, -except that there's not much to choose from.

The everything pages! Project stew. "Anything and everything a chap can unload..."

Personal info What? You mean these things weren't created by some faceless corporation? There's a person on the other end of these pictures? Lord have mercy! I've just GOTTA find out who's responsible for this!

Internet links to other cool sites These are a collection of links to artists I know personally. All are certified "genius", so you KNOW they're good.

Special comment dated January 25, 1998:

You know, I hang my head in dismay when I realize that it's been a full year now since the last update to this page. I suppose it's my interest in making my page seem complete even though it's always under construction that's kept me from putting anything new online. There *IS* some new work that I've got finished, but I've got other ideas and projects that are only halfway there, and I've been reluctant to upload only half the package, so to speak. Whoops! I've got alot of work that needs my attention right now, and the webpage is very far down on the priority list. For those who would like to see some of the work I've done over the past year that wasn't intended for internet storage, I'd recommend checking out the book Huzzah!, which is put on on a tri-monthly basis. I've put together two comic book-ish stories so far, with plans for more in the future. Some more info on the Huzzah! book can be found on the Everything Pages.

Also, I imagine I could be persuaded to update this page faster if there was enough request for it. Any comments?

For the curious: This page was established on January 25, 1996. I'm pretty satisfied with the way progress has been going on the page and will most likely keep up the rate at which I've been adding to it. While I wish I could update it more frequently, that's just something I can't dedicate myself to all that often. What I try to do instead is work on multiple projects to upload and then put them all online at once. In this manner the page never seems halfway complete. I'm doing my best to keep everything running smoothly, but if you find something out of whack, do me a favor and tell me what happened. Furthermore, if you can spot something I can do to spiffy up the place, by all means don't be shy... -let me know! I've tried to put in what I think would be interesting to view, but I can only think of so much without feedback. You can contact me at this address and I'll respond as quickly as time permits: SouthrnFox@aol.com

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