This section now replaces the former Mystery Pages. I feel it better serves as a catchall for projects and illustrations that don't fall under the main catagories of the other pages. As such I'm grouping them all here in one place. We'll see what else will find a home here in time...

Fuzzicon.exe This is a small (48 KB) file which contains 29 different icons of mine that can be used in any Windows display. Some of the icons here are of my characters, Tiny Toons, and various animal pictures. The first 11 in the file were created by me, the rest were either done by Joseph Hamdorf, or randomly picked up from other sources. Special thanks go out to both Mike Rider and Nutsy who were kind enough to take my original icon file and convert it into .gif format for me.

Huzzah is a fun little publication that I'm involved with. It's a small press book that's released every three months and showcases the work of a number of funny animal artists. I find it a unique challenge for me because it stresses story oriented comic book work over single panel illustrations, -something I need the practice doing. I've done one major story so far and a couple short gag strips which can be found in issues 22, 23, and 24. With luck I'll be able to get some more decent work into every issue. One small image from my most recent contribution is seen above. If you're curious to find out more, click here.

I've had a couple folks ask about this now, so to save time I'll go ahead and post it for anyone interested to read. I have no real plans to accept commissions, but I'm always open to ideas. Time is a big factor in this regard because there's so precious little of it inbetween my job, my classwork, and my own personal projects. Much as I'd like to do everything, it's just not feasibly possible. I don't want to say 'Yes' to anyone and then not be able to deliver on that promise. If you'd like to bounce an idea off of me, then I'll be glad to consider it. If it's something that I can have fun with there's a good chance that I'll make time to do it. Even if it's not I'll still keep a record of it in case I decide to come back to it at a later time. On the other hand, if it's a REALLY good idea, I may just go nuts with it and do a whole picture and upload it with the originator getting the drawing itself. (It better be a REAL good idea though.) Just to make things perfectly clear though: I will not do anything risque. -Not even mildly suggestive, so don't ask.

Red Alert is the prequel to one of the most enjoyable computer games of all time: COMMAND & CONQUER. If you haven't played either of these games, you're seriously missing out. Get 'em now!

Red Alert's story takes a spin on history as we know it. Hitler and the Nazis? Never happened. Adolf is bumped off by a time traveling Einstein, thus opening the door for Joseph Stalin to gear up the Soviet war machine for European conquest. This presents an interesting dilemma: can Stalin destroy the Allied forces before he succeeds in killing off all of his own commanders?

Detailed info on the game can be found here.

Foremost in Red Alert's strengths is it's ability to be played with multiple players at one time. To make it even more versatile, Westwood has provided the user with a map editor so that you can create your own battlefields. Wonderous adventures await! I've created one map of my own that I have fun using, and I'd like to think others would enjoy playing it as well.

Want to try it? Click right here.

I'll be making more as time goes on, so I'm hoping to get some comments on how this one works for people.

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