Sheet1.gif (40KB) 640x480x256>>> Model sheet #1 giving a rundown of Chester Fox from front, back, and side views.

Sheet2.gif (40KB) 640x480x256>>> Model sheet #2 showing Chester in three different "action" poses.

Sheet3.gif (42KB) 640x480x256>>> Model sheet #3 displaying nine different character expressions for Chester

Chester Fox is a good friend of mine. This is the character that taught me how to draw and animate. I've basically been refining his design since 1991 or so and have used him as a guinea pig for most all of my experimental animations. He's been surprisingly cooperative in this regard and I hope to use him in future projects.

BWSheet1.gif (36KB) 640x480x256>>> Model sheet #1 showing the basic form for BW Badger.

BWSheet2.gif (49KB) 640x480x256>>> Model sheet #2 shows BW in various action poses.

BWSheet3.gif (45KB) 640x480x256>>> Model sheet #3 gives six different expressions for BW's behaviour.

B.W. Badger is one of those "instant" characters. How it came to be is something I can't adequately explain. Suffice it to say, when I was working on the final project for my Intro. to Computers class I needed a character to appear opposite of Chester. Sadly, when that animation was nearly complete the disk I was using got corrupted, so BW's first animated performance is lost for good. How woould I describe him? BW is a good natured sort, but has a wee bit too much energy to quietly sit down and occupy himself with a book like Chester can. As such, he's constantly on the move, and as a result of a slight mischevious streak running through him, he's always on the lookout to cause a ruckus.

Jimshet1.gif (47KB) 640x480x256>>> Model sheet #1 of good 'ol Jimbob.

Jimshet2.gif (46KB) 640x480x256>>> Model sheet #2 Jimbob does baseball!

Jimshet3.gif (55KB) 640x480x256>>> Model sheet #3 for Jim's facial expressions. Smile when you call him 'rural'.

Ok, I'm sitting in my Illustration for Animation class, and Bob starts giving us our assignments. The idea is to draw up a character who realizes the personality quirks that he's about to name. He gets to me and says: "You've got a big-time baseball player. -But he's a real jerk, .... aaaaaaaaannnnd .... he's a hillbilly".

Really, was there anything more that I would have needed to come up with this design?

Jimbob, (aka Jimbobjoebilly Johnson) plays baseball *his* way, and Lord help you if you accuse him if stepping outside the accepted rules. He's there to have fun, and the rules just get in the way.

Jenysht1.gif (47KB) 640x480x256>>> Model sheet #1 of Miz JennyLou herself.

Jenysht2.gif (40KB) 640x480x256>>> Model sheet #2 Showing Jenny in typical form on the baseball diamond.

Jenysht3.gif (47KB) 640x480x256>>> Model sheet #3 JennyLou 'jest bein herself.

JennyLou was assignment number two in my Illustration for Animation class. The idea was to take our original character and realize the same personality traits, but using the opposite gender.

Like JimBob, JennyLou is a backwoods gal. She's also a bit more genteel than Jimmy, but only as long as circumstances are pleasant. Cross her, and you're in for a world of hurt.

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