And you thought I just did 2D artwork. Hm. For the most part that's actually true. On the other hand I've been studying a couple different programs so as to get a handle on making some 3D renderings of my own. What follows here is the first results of these efforts. Take a look! Stand in awe of my crummy modeling skills!

cinema.jpg (38KB) 640x480x16million---------- ----------cinema2.jpg (33KB) 640x480x16million

These are a couple renderings of a 3D theatre of my own design. Very crude, but likeable place. This was one of my first efforts working with 3D Studio Max. A decent modeler, but you need a *HEAVY DUTY* computer to make it really sing. I couldn't make it sing, but I got it to hum a few bars...

muttrun1.gif (7KB) 320x240x256---------- ----------muttrun2.gif (8KB) 320x240x256

This is a pair of test renders I've made of CYBERMUTT. A very loose and stylistic 3D model based on a canine structure. The design in the above two renders was created in Martin Hash's 3D Animation software. It's actually a design I've been messing around with for several years now. Finally it's been realized as a computer model. Cool, eh? CyberMutt also represents my first foray into character animation in the digital realm. Click on the link below and you can download my first story animation using CyberMutt, and a brief cameo by CyberGuy. Gloriously amaturish! Unlike the still images however, "FETCH" was built and animated using 3D Studio Max.

Fetch itself is a 719 KB .mov file that is my first real character animation done in a modeling program. Bloody difficult thing to do too. But it's fun. Take a look and tell me what you think!

Interested in seeing some rough sketches I made in designing Cybermutt? Try clicking here.

GAH! 3D stuff! Get me back to the main page double time!

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