Howdy folks. This corner of the web is set aside for my personal animation projects. I've actually got quite a bit to show off this time around. First off the bat, "Observations" is now finished. Colored, animated, and everything! About time too. It's been sitting here on my hard drive for nearly a year now just asking for me to finish it. ALSO you can find the first digitized animation from my personal studies near the bottem of the page here. It's totally rendered in pencil, and in fact is really just a digitized version of my personal animation tape. Aside from that though, it's fully animated. Take a look and tell me what you think! And as an added bonus, you can ALSO download one of my first 3D animation files. It's not located here, but rather over on the computer page . This takes care of the majority of my animation files now. I've got one or two more projects that I'm working on, plus similar work I can digitize, but this should be good for the time being.

Ok, this time I'm going to add some actual art from the various animations I've worked on. The real problem with putting animation files on the web is that they're just too gigantic (we're talking 45 megs and up) to rationally upload. The other problem is that if I shrink the suckers down so that they CAN be uploaded, the image quality suffers a LOT. So to compromise on the situation, I'm going to upload a couple select animation frames (or cels, -call it what you will) from my animation studies. These are the full size images as they appear on my personal video copies. In fact, the pencil test frames actually look better than my recordings because the resolution is much higher than video could hope to achieve.

Chetface.gif (25KB) 752x480x256>>> This is a close-up shot of Chester in the short animation I was working on with Lisa Kuprijanow.

Ball.gif (35KB) 752x480x256>>> The whole view of Chet and Pooch in action. Pooch gets quite the charge out of retrieving small, bouncy, rubber balls.

Ball2.gif (35KB) 752x480x256>>> Chet and Pooch disagree. Whatever could be the matter?

Tophat.gif (26KB) 307x277x256>>> For my demotape I animated a caricature of myself introducing the video. Chee, someday I'm gonna have to get myself a hat like that.

DHB.gif (12KB) 307x277x256>>> Here's a good running pose for DHB, or as he's otherwise know as: Deleriously Happy Bunny.

BWtalk.gif (29KB) 412x480x16>>> This is a frame from the first sequence that I used an actual voice track. BW talks! -Easy enough to do. Problem is you can't get him to shut up.

Jester.gif (30KB) 371x480x16>>> One project I worked on in my animation class was to put this little clown through his paces. Pretty cool. Not just anyone can juggle a cat, a knife, a bomb, and a torch all at once.

Frnzyanm.gif (22KB) 581x480x16>>> You may recognize this pose from the color version I did. Well, this is the actual frame from the animation Frenzy appeared in.

In case there are folks out there who don't already have an animation player that will support .fli or .flc formats, I invite you to visit the following two sites:

The FLI/FLC Animation Format

The Graphic Utilities' Site & Version FAQ

Both of these sites offer up a variety of animation viewers depending on the type of operating system or platform you're using, so check 'em out.

Ok, enough chit-chat.

Lights! ...Camera rolling!...ACTION! RETRIBUTION: An Animated Catharsis. This is a 250kb zipfile of an animation I did last year. It took a ridiculous amount of effort to get this thing done, but I think the end result looks rather handsome. I gotta admit though, this animation single handedly made me swear off drawing with the mouse.

Included in this zipfile: Retribut.sec, Readme.txt, and Flick.exe.

Instructions on how to view the animation are included in the readme file. This animation was originally created on an Amiga using Deluxepaint IV. I've since changed it around to run under the Disney Animation Studio (which is where the Flick.exe program comes in. This should run just fine on any IBM pc clone through the DOS prompt. I could be wrong though. If you have any difficulties, let me know and I'll see if it's a problem I can fix at this end. When running, the animation uses 1437 k of memory, though the execute file does recognize expanded memory. Resolution is 320x200x256. Running time is 01:23:03. (246 KB)This is the .fli converted version of the original Retribution animation. For those having difficulties with the original version of Retribution, this should be a bit more friendly. This is the second animation file I've uploaded for viewing. This is a 53kb zipfile of a simple walk cycle. Watch Chester Fox walk forever! It's unique from my other animation so far in the fact that it was created entirely from a pencil animation. As such it looks and animates a lot better than Retribution.

Included in this zipfile: Chetwalk.flc, and Readme.txt

Whoah!!.zip (38 KB)Whoah!!.zip is a converted animation that I originally created using the Disney Animation Studio on a lowly 286 system. It's a fun little animation that I did one afternoon during my Pascal class (don't tell anyone!) and colored over the next day or so. Is it obvious my fondness for the Roadrunner cartoons? (58 KB) is an animation I did on the Amiga 3000. It's pretty simplistic and was never cleaned up too much, but it's got a spark and vitality that I enjoy.

Now playing!

Oh yeah! I finally got this puppy finished. Looks mighty cool too. Very large though, -871 KB zipped, 2912 KB unzipped, so this may take awhile to download. On the plus side though, it IS in .flc format, so it should run fairly stable on most systems out there.

This animation is actually something of a breakthrough for me, because it's the first time I've been able to take an entirely hand drawn animation, color it on the computer, and then fix it up so that it runs properly ON a computer. I feel vindicated that the process works. As for what that process entails, that's too long and boring to describe online, but I'll say something about it in the text file included with the zip file.

So sit back and enjoy! Chester Fox goes observing!

(997 KB) .mov format

Ok, this is a digitized animation file of a pencil test I created last year. It's in .mov format since that's the only way I could get it digitized at all. Despite the loss in visual quality, I think the animation still holds up. It's a fun little piece starring Frenzy Kitty, and his increasingly frustrated attempts to get to an itch he just can't reach. Special thanks go out to Richard "Wierd boy" Cannon for extracting the above image from my animation.

>>yawn<< I'm tired of looking at this stuff. Maybe the main page will be more interesting...

All images, animations, and characters 1996 Brian Reynolds