Have you ever paged through a magazine and been struck by how clever (and sometimes nauseating) advertising can be? Ever thought to yourself, "Hey, what a job. *I* could be doing that." Well, imagine yourself taking a class dedicated to this artform and you'll quickly find that there's alot of REALLY mundane things you need to be aware of. And coming up with something clever isn't the easiest thing in the world.

Check that. Coming up with something that's clever AND printable isn't the easiest thing in the world.

What follows here is the product of my imagination, with a little aid from Tevia Kaber and Quentin Smith. Hooo... if only the rest of the class had been this much fun.

Bugeyed.gif (60KB) 503x640x256>>> Whoah! Better try the decaf there, Juan.

Ass.gif {23KB) 498x640x256>>> Hm. Looks like this burro has been drinking from more than just the water pail.

Juanman.gif (40KB) 503x640x256>>> YES! It's true! Sex appeal will sell ANYTHING!

Juantoo.gif (32KB) 507x640x256>>> Sorry Juan. The human body can only take so much. Know when to say when.

Pleasbuy.gif (20KB) 489x640x256>>> It's a shame to see you come to this, Juan.

Cutdown.gif (28KB) 489x640x256>>> Juan, this behavior does not reflect well on the company...

Hmmmm.... out of filler. Guess this means we've gotta go back to the main page.

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