(Hmmm.... show them a picture of a smiling, disembodied floating head. Can't think of a better way than that to introduce myself.)

Howdy there. Glad to see that you took the leap and pulled up this page. I'm Brian Reynolds, and I'll be your webpage host for the evening. I'm currently a senior attending the Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Computer Art and animation. This is kinda a side show of sorts though; my real interest lies in 2D hand drawn animation. It just so happens that there is no major as yet for purely 2D work, so I make do by teaching myself that part while the school teaches me how to futz around with the computers.

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until junior high school that I decided to focus my energies on a career in the animation industry. I have high hopes of making this a reality and have a number of plans in the works to get this business going. (As an aside here, if after looking at my webpage you feel you'd like to talk to me about internships or other opportunities, I'd be honored to oblige you.)

Although I'm much more comfortable with pencil in hand, I'm also quite fascinated with computers. It never ceases to amaze me what can be accomplished by a knowledgable person when coupled with the right software and hardware. If I can pinpoint any specific goals for me to accomplish with regards to my art, it would be for me to create a fully realized mini-movie incorporating sound, music, 2-D and 3-D animation on my personal computer. I've taken steps to get this under way and currently have most of the pieces in place. What I need to do know is learn how to put it all together. I've got my story already complete in my head, but what's killing me right now is waiting to get put together and out into the public eye. Wish me luck.

Interests? Oh, I love to study movies and their constuction. There are some cases where I find an incomplete movie to be even more interesting than the finished product. There's just something about the process of putting the visual part of a story together that I can't adequately describe. Maybe later. Music. Music has to be at least as important to me as anything else. Specifically instrumental music. Words and lyrics might be okay on paper, but I don't think there's a pop singer alive that can match the emotive power of a full symphony orchestra. Go listen to something like the soundtrack to GLORY or Tchaikovsky's ROMEO & JULIET to find out what I mean. I take my hat off to the likes of John Williams, James Horner, Gershwin, Wagner, Beethoven, and Mozart. It's a pity that the general public doesn't have a greater knowledge and appreciation for what this kind of music is capable of.

I'm always open to people's views and interests, though I try not to pay much attention to the world at large and politics in particular. Life's too short to go around mucking with other people's business. I prefer to maintain a forward view on things in general. Above all else I try to maintain a positive look on life.

There you are... don't you think that was worth the time it took to read?

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