This is just a quick and dirty page developed to show some of the first photos taken from my recent rediscovery of Lego.

What fun!!

If you want to see more you can check out my Brickshelf Gallery.
8412 Nighthawk Sets 8445 & 2556 Indycars Indycars The Rebel Blockade Runner + some race cars The Rebel Blockade Runner from above
The Rebel Blockade Runner from the front The Rebel Blockade Runner from the rear 8880 Supercar project - a work currently in progress Temporary display shelf FX Star Patroller and other smaller sets Mobile Rocket Transport
The old Beta 1 Command Base Miscellaneous smaller sets Miscellaneous smaller sets Miscallaneous space sets Imperial Shuttle & Tie Fighter Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator
Ultimate Collector X-Wing & Tie Interceptor X-Wing from below My Lego work area

My apologies for the quality of the images; they'll be replace by better in time.  It's also been a terribly long time since I did any HTML editing, so that too will get better.